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Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

We have been working with Michael Jensen at Falcon Wealth Planning in the Irvine office for several months now. Michael is extremely knowledgeable, highly professional and takes the time to explain the reasons for the financial decisions Falcon is making on our behalf. We have so many questions that Michael patiently answers very thoroughly. We feel very confident with our decision to put our trust in Falcon and look forward to a long relationship.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality
I had the absolute pleasure of doing a wealth planning consultation with Zackary Royce that blew me away with the thoroughness in which it was conducted. This comes all before Falcon Wealth Planning has seen a single cent from me. I have been raving about the consultation with friends and family so much that they will soon be doing the same. I expect to have a longstanding relationship with Falcon Wealth Planning after this wonderful first step experience. I could not recommend them enough no matter if you are well-versed in personal finance or are feeling the stresses and anxiety of only having basic knowledge/concepts.
Kevin Mayo was super professional and knew quickly what financial plan I needed to take. He was very informative and walked me through everything. Will definitely be using his services in the future. -Agnes Hanson



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